Thursday, November 10, 2011

tagged by miss eeqa hampeh. ergh. :P

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  • Answer the question the tagger set for you in their post. And create new 11 question for the people you tagged to answer.
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first and foremost, rules are made to be broken. HAHA 


not a girl, not yet a woman
not too short, not too big
aiming AUDI as my own car
want to travel around Europe before the age 26 
love hiking
hopelessly romantic
GREEN maniac
crazy for desserts!
hate with all my heart: cockroaches 
in love with SUPERMAN

Q's i have to answer..

  1. What is your passion?
GREEN. Always & forever.

  1. What is your positive and negative side of yourself? And what do you feel about each of it?
+ve: happy go lucky – its fun. ^^
-ve: mood swing – dangerous. >:/

  1. Describe yourself and your partner (if any) in one word.
Me: weirdo
Partner: SOON ;P

  1. Do you believe in KARMA? Why?
Yeap! What goes around comes around. Doesn’t it? :)

  1. What attitude do you hate most in a person? What will you react when this behaviour pops in front of you?
Being late! i will be moody in seconds. 

  1. Things you will not forget to bring whenever you get out of your house?
Me myself? Ha ha. :) anything i carry with me. you know what i mean. :DD

  1. What will you do to release yourself from STRESS?
Have a nice jogging session in a park while 'cleaning my eyes' looking at guys in short! :PP *pervert giler!

  1. Do you happy with your life now? ? Why?
You can say that I am happy with what I have now. But still, lots of dream to chase. *yah yah yah. 

  1. What do you think about right now in your mind?
How can I remove all the acne on my face right now? *sigh

  1. What do think about "the eeqa cooper theory" and the owner? :P
What u write in your blog describe what’s on your mind. I think she really IN LOVE.  Hahaha i can say it out loud right eeqa? lalala~

  1. What is the mooooooooooost hardest question a person asked you ever? 
           Will you marry me? haha kidding! every Q will have an A. :P

hurm, as any other rules, i ll just PASS. hee 

its okeh kan atiqah? :P hope kau puas.

something you know


this song portray few things..
okeh. half of it..
okeh. most of it lah.
okeh, im lying. this song portray everything. happy? 

enjoy. you know what i mean.

p/s: pecah hati. h a n c u r. b.e.r.d.e.r.a.i.